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    Stucco, dance, and goldfish

    The nuuna 2021 campaign shoot.

    A landmarked house full of nuuna notebooks and a crew of talented minds – filmmaker Adriana Montenegro captured the concentrated nuuna energy in her making-of of our campaign shoot.

    In an enchanted building in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, we hosted our 2021 campaign shoot under the direction of nuuna Art Director Julie Cordier and General Director Sabine Kochendörfer. The location "Schweizer 5" is managed by Franci Rotari and is a real gem with paneled walls, painted ceilings, ornamental stucco and old parquet. The photography was done by Ramon Haindl with his assistants Laura Ellinghoven and Marvin Schäfer. Ramon has worked for Spiegel, ZEIT, Audi, Google and Anomaly, among others. We love the aesthetic of his images: the nuanced lighting, the intimate details – sensitive, emotional, contemporary. It fits beautifully into the opulent interior with its nostalgic feel. Also a perfect match: the green bench by Steffen Eberhardt of Eberhardt Objects. The rich colour and clean lines are characteristic of the Frankfurt-based interior and product designer. Also included: the chairs by Markus Friedrich Staab. The individual pieces are playful and have their very own charm between patina and handmade.

    Making of villa 01
    Making of villa 02
    Making of villa 03

    To breathe life into the whole scene, we invited Hannah Bornhak, Felix Berning and Ghofrane El Mighari to stage our products, to vitalize them, to interact with them. Hannah from Mirrrs Models flirted with two goldfish, exuding a quiet grace. (The photogenic goldfish, by the way, were immediately returned safely to their home after their brief stint). Felix is trained in classical ballet and dances for the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. His expressive nature created numerous beautiful moments during the shoot. Especially in the freestyle together with the hip-hop dancer Ghofrane the spark jumped over! Or when he read Hannah a love letter penned by our nuuna copywriter Ramona Heinlein. By the way, the discreet styling of hair and make-up was done by Adrienne Kremer, Shira Dimant made sure that all the clothes fit. Thanks also to Mehmet Özer for his support.

    The result of this joint project: a lot of fun – and fresh, surprising, witty and elegant pictures that fit nuuna perfectly.

    Making of villa 04
    Making of villa 05
    Making of villa 06
    Making of villa 10
    Making of villa 08
    Making of villa 09
    Making of villa 11
    Making of villa 12
    Making of villa 13

    Lookbook “Book Romance”

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