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    Nuuna by brandbook unterstuetzt gutes fuer gutes

    nuuna supports the campaign Gutes für Gutes

    Gutes für Gutes is an open initiative for designers located in Germany. As part of the campaign, all participants donate 25 % of their sales to three selected aid organizations that provide active help to limit the effects of the Corona crisis. We are now also involved.

    Basically, we are doing well. The impact of the corona crisis on our daily lives is tangible and often paralyzing. But despite our own concerns, we know that we in Germany will not survive this period unscathed, but we will survive it better than many other people in the world. Above all, solidarity and cohesion within the family, among friends but also in society are needed. This is not always easy when you have to keep your distance at the same time.

    We are independent design studios, creators and makers, and face an uncertain future. The effects of the Corona crisis on the entire industry often mean chain reactions of cancelled projects. In order to prevent the crisis from turning us into lone fighters, we want to face the situation with solidarity.

    We are small companies that manufacture or have manufactured products of high quality in Germany or the neighbouring European countries. We believe in short production routes and in production that is scalable according to demand, which adapts to demand and does not waste resources unnecessarily. In a time of slowing consumption, we want to draw attention to the variety of beautiful products with lasting value that are designed and produced at local and national level. We believe that good design can improve the quality of life and bring joy even in times like these.

    We want to make a positive contribution and from now on donate a part of our sales to various organisations that are doing essential work at local and international level to stem the consequences of the Corona crisis and save lives.


    Die Arche

    The children's project Die Arche is committed to permanently improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children and families in our country. Due to the closure of the Arche locations, the children now have to do without free food for an indefinite period of time. With a donation, food parcels are tied up and delivered to the families in need. In addition, contact with the children is maintained by telephone, WhatsApp and visual media to ensure social exchange and to learn and play together online.


    The corona virus will hit those who already have a hard time getting legal and medical support especially hard. This includes those who have fled at the EU's external borders. We do not want the corona crisis to eclipse the suffering of those seeking protection, the violence and the humanitarian disaster of the refugee camps. When we speak of solidarity, we should not neglect anybody, the organisation Seabridge calls for. A donation supports them in their political and activist work for the interests of refugees.


    In Germany and Europe there is a state of emergency. However, our health systems are very well positioned compared to those on the African continent. The dynamic spread of the corona virus - and the potential scale of the outbreak - will quickly overburden African health systems, which are already under great pressure. A donation can be used to train people and buy equipment and protective clothing.

    Nuuna by brandbook unterstuetzt die arche seebruecke amref sw