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    The colourful creatures of Kristina Supernova

    Dogs with sunglasses, a four-eyed woman with a bird on her head, a small figure with a big heart on its back.

    Nuuna by kristina supernova kollaboration notizbuecher 01 hero

    Everything artist Kristina Supernova encounters, experiences, reads, or sees, can flow into her wondrous worlds. It’s in this process, during which the artist sways between creating narratives and abstract compositions, that she processes her surroundings and innermost being. Her works radiate a playful ease yet revolve around essential topics such as our connection to nature, the meaning of love and questions on the meaning of life.

    Supernova works in diverse mediums, including illustration, painting, sculpture, installation, fashion, murals and performance. While her style is distinctive, the artist continuously engages with new means of expression. Her work process is one of intuitive introspection and expression. An impactful source of inspiration for the artist lies within nature, influenced by her childhood in the Lithuanian countryside. Be it plants or animals – for Supernova this colourful and mysterious world is filled with fascinating creatures that are only waiting to be discovered. The artist is a true observer with a special eye for the small wonders of everyday life, which she celebrates in her works. Humans are often so focused on themselves that they miss out on the diversity of the natural world around them, which Supernova, on the other hand, captures in her images.

    Nuuna by kristina supernova kollaboration notizbuecher 04

    Supernova’s style combines childlike and adult worlds, is playful and thoughtful, dreamy and lustful, poetic and witty. The artist sees a character in every aspect of her environment, be it the dog next door or the blue oil paint. These are lovingly created beings, all of which share human traits. They don’t dwell on a rigid sense of perfection – they instead radiate a positive energy and have a protective function for the artist.

    Kristina Supernova not only has a soft spot for books, but also uses notebooks herself. For her, ideas are like guests to be warmly welcomed. Meant to be sketched and written down immediately before they disappear. Supernova returned to her artistic roots as an illustrator for her nuuna Art Edition, creating ink drawings in her unmistakable style, which were silk screen printed onto recycled leather covers. The four-eyed dog stands for unconditional love – love that is key to connecting with others and oneself. The nuuna DAY DREAMER is intended to inspire the conscious perception of one’s own surroundings and discover the beauty in small things. Supernova’s cover artworks are brimming with curiosity and charm – these are notebooks that serve as real happy places that simultaneously provide impulses for reflection.

    Nuuna by kristina supernova kollaboration notizbuecher 09